About us

Debbe Tillman, Owner of Leake Street Collection

When I was a kid, sixty years ago or so, we lived in Pelahatchie, Mississippi. My mom was from Neshoba County Mississippi and my dad was from Forest, Mississippi in Scott County. When my Mom was in charge, and had some free time, and Dad couldn’t come along because he had work to do we’d pile in the County Squire and head out to see Mama and Papa Driskell and Bubba and Papa Mack. And between Forest and Union, there was the best, most fun stop, a place called Thrashes Antiques in Sebastopol. We’d always get to stop there and explore two big warehouses full off wonderful old stuff, and we could always find a treasure there. So from those early days, I was hooked……

Play it forward after 50 years of collecting, and collecting, and more collecting, and my husband and I had the opportunity to buy a wonderful old building on the corner of Leake and Jefferson streets on olde towne Clinton, Mississippi. We had enough “inventory” to get a good start on filling the space and met some wonderful fellow collectors of different “stuff” with good skills for buying and merchandizing the store, and Leake Street Collection Antiques, Vintage Jewelry, Books and Collectibles became a reality in 2007 (or so).

We sincerely hope our shop has some of the charm and mystique of those wonderful old warehouses from years past! We hope that those collectors, young and old, who drop by to browse, and shop, and swap stories about their own collections,  will leave with hard to resist treasures and good memories from our (sometimes dusty) shelves! 

Stop by when you’re in Clinton, or make a special trip.  It’ll be fun, and we’ll be happy to see you!

Debbe Amacker Tillman